Best 5 Virtual Machine Software For Your Windows

Virtual machine software allows you to run multiple operating system on a single computer. It is an ultimate feature for everyone, and it runs the same as your physical computers. Best virtual machine software for windows 10 is listed out here. So Let’s explore…

VMware workstation

VMware is one of the popular and free software, it allows you to perform multiple OS on your pc. It mainly developed for IT Professionals and developers to work with different operating systems. This is the best virtual machine software for the windows 10 operating system.

You can create hundreds of supported and Host OS. It will be beneficial for transfer the data from the virtual machine to your pc. So you can buy this pro version if you need, but the free version also gives you a rich experience. It allows you to create a network configuration for the virtual machine. They are offering free and paid versions but for beginners, the free version is most than enough. Vmware offers a fully functional 30 days trial.

Microsoft Hyper-v

Microsoft hyper-v is designed to work with the virtual machine on x86-64 based computers. Earlier, it was called Windows server virtualization. Using hyper-v, you can configure different network like one or more networks on an individual virtual machine.

It is a cloud-based platform, and also it supports Linux. You can use this to run multiple virtual machines. Hardware virtualization is possible.

Parallels Desktop

Parallel is the easiest virtual machine to use, and it allows to install multipleOS in no time. So you can run easier with windows and macOS without a reboot. You can move easily with a single click from one to another.

It allows you to register new users with emails. You can also get statistics as easier. It’s most useful software for macOS users.


VirtualBox is an open-source hypervisor for x86 computer users. It supports virtual creation and also it works with Linux, Windows, etc. It is a high-performance software, and it supports most of the operating system. This software is a completely free and simple interface.

VirtualBox has an option like drag&drop and resizes the window. You can run thousands of applications using the tool.


QEMU is one of the popular virtual machine and emulator, and also it called as Quick emulator. Its code was written in C language. It provides you with hardware virtualization, and you can use it on any system with No restriction.

you can run MultipleOS in your system with the help of this tool. Check their official site for more information.

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