How to detect hidden camera?

There are some ways to detect hidden camera with mobile phone in hotel rooms. So make sure to follow the steps every time before staying in unfamiliar rooms. You need a mobile, and your brain is enough to find a hidden camera.

Once, think of it, you are paying for a room, and you will find a hidden camera casually. What’s your reaction?😣 So everybody please aware of this. How important this topic so read it fully.

Can a mobilephone detect a hidden camera?

Yes, Even iPhone and Android will work with the method. You can find an IP hidden camera with apps available on Playstore and Appstore like Nest, Wyze, Arlo. Most hotels will give you access to the Local network. So you can connect and scan for IP hidden camera.

Is there an app to detect camera?

There are lot of apps available on play store and AppStore to detect hidden camera using your mobile phone.

  1. Radarbot
  2. Hidden spy camera detector
  3. Detectify
  4. IAmnotified
  5. Hidden device detector
  6. Spy hidden camera detector

These apps will work efficiently to find a hidden camera. Using the above apps to detect hidden camera in the room and hotel. But it finds only IP camera so we have another method to find a basic hidden camera.

Find hidden camera with mobile camera?

You can find hidden camera easily with mobile. When you enter a room, first turn off lights and turn on your mobile camera. Start searching the room in every inch of the room.

Places to search or hide hidden camera

  1. Lambs
  2. Mirror
  3. Cushions
  4. wall decor
  5. flower bot
  6. Tissue box
  7. Electrical outlets
  8. clock
  9. shower
  10. dress hangers

So mostly, you can find the hidden camera in the places.

Find hidden camera with making phone call

You can find a hidden camera when you make a call. Surveillance camera will make noise and intercept you while you make a call. Then walk around the room carefully when the noise starts or stops. Search the place exactly. So you can identify a camera easily.

Use hidden camera detector

Better to buy, hidden camera detector if you need it. You can find hidden camera easily using the device. You can use a detector if you going on business trips regularly.

hidden camera detector
hidden camera detector

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