How to identify if your device is Hacked?

If you’re wondering how to find if your device is hacked, you’ve come to the right place. You can identify easily if your device was hacked or not. Hackers using the same trick every day to hack with different ideas. So please keep your eyes open to read it fully to protect your smartphones from hackers.

Firstly, you have to take care of yourself because of the many hackers and spammers worldwide. So you have to take it seriously. Follow these steps every day to find your device is hacked and keep hackers away.

How to find if your device is hacked ?

There are several problems you may face if your device is Hacked.

  • Showing unwanted pop-up ads
  • Low performance on your device
  • App installing automatically without permission
  • App starts crashing
  • Data usage will increase high.
  • The battery will drain fast
  • Storage full automatically

The above steps to how to find if your pc is hacked or not.

What to do if my smartphone is hacked?

So if your smartphone got hacked, you need to change the following passwords immediately. Scan your device with anti-malware software.

These passwords are most important. So reset it quickly.

  • Online banking
  • Social media password
  • Google account or Apple id passwords
  • Personal Email or work mail

After resetting your important passwords reset your mobile and check the activity of your google account or apple account. Moreover, Check bank statements also. Once hackers attack your device, it’s tough to recover, so reset as soon as possible. However, Resetting your device is a powerful way to remove malware from your device.

How to protect your smartphone from hackers?

Check your mobile everyday if any unwanted apps or malware apps installed without your permission. Most of the hackers will install apps to spy on your smartphone, and some of them install apps to force you to use their app. So keep checking your smartphone every day. Same thing for find and protect your pc hacked from hackers.

  1. Scan your device regularly using malware bytes, Kaspersky, etc. There is a lot of application available in the play store or Appstore. So scanning your device is not an effective way, but it will help you use it safely.
  2. Clicking link send by unknown persons. Hackers will send phishing links or malware by messages like banks or companies to the victim. So don’t click the unwanted links and avoid surfing malware sites.
  3. Avoid using Public WIFI because hackers may create fake public free WIFI, so they can access your mobile and steal your data. If it’s urgent, use a trusted original VPN to cover your IP address.
  4. Don’t share ID and Password with anyone because it will spread sometimes. Most of them use the same password for everything; they can access all your platforms. However, don’t share your password with anyone until an emergency or necessary. So sharing passwords will get you to great disaster.
  5. Don’t use a public free charging station. Juice jacking is a way to steal your data using a USB cable in a public charging station. So you can also check our blog about juice jacking. The easiest way to steal your data with a USB.

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