5 Easy Tips to make Internet faster

Nowadays the Internet is the most essential thing and everyone needs fast internet to browse the search results, downloading the files, watching videos etc. If you feel your internet is slow down, do the following methods to improve your internet speed and make internet faster.

Change router place

Don’t place your router in a hidden or covered places. Place it on open space to make better internet speed. Accordingly, you know about your house, so place your router on the best open space in your home. However, it’s WIFI but it will make a bigger difference to increase your network speed. If possible use your devices near your router to get more internet speed as much as possible.

Use ethernet cable

Wired connection is more stable than wireless. It’s stable and more effective while using the internet. Mostly, consoles, PC, laptop having a port for ethernet cable. So you can use it to increase internet speed.

If your device doesn’t have a port, you can buy it on amazon. It’s around $5 or RS.1000. Better to buy high-quality cable because it’s essential to increase internet speed.

Check your pc

If the internet on your PC or laptop is perpetually slow, but other devices seem fine, open your Task Manager or Activity Monitor and see what programs are running in the background. Check it out and adjust the settings. Check 7 hidden tools in windows 10 and the most secure web browsers.

Restart your router

Restarting your router on a regular basis sounds like an old boring solution to everything digital: Reboot it. Yes, we know restarting your router can sometimes fix dead internet. Sometimes it will help try it.

Update your router

The router will vary among the price and functionality, so upgrading your router is possible to increase your network speed if your house is larger better to buy a high functionality router. You can easily buy it on amazon.

Cheap router on offer:

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Budget Router on offer:

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High-functionality router:

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