How To Track Phone – Easy To Track iPhone/Android Mobile

In this article, I share the step-by-step guide for how to track phone and what are the easy ways to track your mobile phone. Let’s dive in!

Track your phone using Google maps

  • Go and search for on your browser.
  • Then sign-in with your Google account which on your phone.
  • On the map, you will find your phone’s approximate location. If the device is not active, it shows the last known location.
  • And you will get 3 options.
    1. Find
    2. Lock your device
    3. Erase your Android device

Find option – You make your phone ring. Even if your phone is on silent or vibrate, Still you can make the noise to track your phone.

Lock your device – You can Lock your phone with your current pin or creating a new one.

Erase your Android device – So this will do this remotely by erasing your personal data to protect your privacy.

If you are trying to track your phone through “Find My Mobile” or “Find My Phone” and it’s not working — it’s likely because your phone is not connected to Wi-Fi or an available network.

How to turn on “Find My Device” on phone

Make sure that Find My Device is turned ON

  • Open Settings in your phone.
  • Click Security & location.
  • Click Find My Device and Turn it ON to track your phone if it’s lost. So you can track your phone easily.

Turn Location on

  • Open Settings in your phone.
  • Click Security & location and click tap Location.
  • Next and turn ON Location.

How to Track iPhone

If your iPhone is missing, you can locate it with “Find My iPhone” is turned on. This feature will enabled automatically in every activated iPhone.

So don’t turned it OFF, then you won’t able to locate your device.

  • Visit in any web browser, then log in your Apple ID and password.
  • Click on Find iPhone and wait for the location.
  • Select All Devices at the top of the screen and select the exact iPhone you need to track.
  • Find My iPhone allow you to play a sound, locate your device, enable Lost Mode, or remote erase.

You can also check your current battery level. When your battery dies, you can track your iPhone with “Find My iPhone” of its last known location.

How to Turn On/Off Location Services on iPhone

  • Go to settings
  • Click privacy
  • Tap Location Services and turn ON/OFF.

This option help you when your device is lost or stolen, So don’t turn it OFF and you will feel insecure every time when you go out.

Use good anti-virus to protect your smartphone. we already discuss that. Antivirus is very important to protect your device and some anti-virus also gives anti-theft features. so you could track your phone more easily.

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