Juice jacking- How to juice jacking works and protect?

Hackers may use different ways to steal your data. But juice jacking is the easiest way, and no one gets doubt. They steal your data with your permission in public places. There are several ways to protect your data. So read it fully for your safety…

What is juice jacking?

Juice jacking is a vulnerable activity to steal data using USB cable in free charging stations. At the same time, charging your device in public places like railway stations, airports. Hackers sync your data using a power supply USB cable in the connected device. Sometimes hackers may inject malware using juice jacking.

You may think before using a public charging station because many hackers waiting to steal data and capture your devices.

But iPhone users don’t need afraid because iPhone has enough security to restrict juice jacking.

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How juice jacking works?

It is a man in the middle attack with hardware. They use USB charging stations as a trap. If someone charges their device, hackers may install malware, or transferring data is possible because most of the androids allow transferring files when connects to a USB.

Hackers use the USB port in charging stations for charging and the same port for transferring files. Actually, you need only two pins in the USB port for charging, but they use five-pin ports. Five pin ports are necessary for transferring data.

Next time, make sure while charging your device on a free charging station or public USB ports.

Types of juice jacking

  • Data theft

In the attack, hackers may steal your sensitive data, passwords, emails, conversation, etc. So they can sell it on the dark web or may use it for blackmail.

  • Malware injection

Sometimes, hackers install malware to spy or steal your credit card details or any important details. But it took great damage in your damage.

How to protect your device from juice jacking?

First, think before using free charging ports if hackers got your password, sensitive data, emails. So follow these steps to preventing your device.

  • Use USB condoms while charging outside- it will protect like a guard to avoid data transfers.
  • Use your own power adapter and cable in the AC power supply.
  • Charge with power banks.
  • Avoid charging on the free charging station.

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